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Friday, February 21, 2014

Love Story: Starting Over Again Soon?

 I want to start my story here but actually I will make it short because eventually I will also share the whole story...I was really in love with someone before I thought he's the one...I had a crush on him when we were 18 and he was 19.

We have a great time at first...He care for me because I knew that he treat me as a younger sister and I also treat him actually as my brother but I there's something inside of me tells that I like him...

He is a very good guy, a servant of God...Has a sense of humor and I really love the way he look at me. We've been together so many years as friends in an organization in the Catholic Church and we both love to sing for God.

As time goes by I decided to tell the truth that I have a crush and he is the one, we have our game truth or consequence and I actually choose to tell what is true about my crush and I mention his name in front of Him. After that time we became cats and dogs we always fight and we always irritate each other and we actually fell inlove with each other. :)
I'm so happy that we had the time together as lovers.

We had our relationship as bf and gf in 1 and half year but after that we are always together but we decided to separate ways after my graduation in College to focus our attention to our families.We promise to see each other after 5 years but sad to say I end it up that promise last May 2013 because as what the people around me saying you do not love each other if that's the case and besides you are not in a teledrama so why are you doing that and I reflect on it and I realized what they are saying is true.

If we love each other we can do things and attain our dreams together but I do understand him because I can say that he is weak and he cannot even understand himself...He is actually studying again like what he is saying to me before how can we be together if he is just like that and I am professional, the pride really ruin us...

But sad to know he's seeing someone. I'm disappointed because I give a big space for him for him to attain his dream but then again he is just lying. I don't know if he really fell in love with me before or he just like me because I like him.. I'm sad but I'm trying to move on...I know I have God with me and he will never let me go and that he is the one who truly loves me.

Someday I will meet the guy who really deserves my love and the guy that God has planned for me! :)


Juliya Sundas said...

i really love this story...

micheal yuck said...

God loves you

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