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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Love Story: The Last Goodbye, Hugs and Kisses

It all started with a simple thing seeing a beautiful girl walking around campus went up and talked with her...she was the most amazing girl I have ever met in my entire life, i spent the entire semester with her and we fell in love..

last goodbye

but it would not last because she was a foreign exchange student from France...

So we spent every single day together cause we knew our time was short it slowly became deeper and deeper till we slowly fell deeper in love everyday, till the fateful day that she was to go home the day before we cried and cried but I took her to the airport I saw her all the way before she boarded the plane gave her one last goodbye hug and kiss.

Not knowing if I would ever see her again she couldn't take it, she asked me to leave with her back to France, but I couldn't I had to stay...but knowing we would always cherish our love and our memories, we agreed to burn and delete every picture of us cause we both knew we would sit and stare and them everyday with our hearts breaking knew we were so far apart...

Ever since then i have hoped everyday to see her again and have her in my arms and see her smile that just made me feel so warm and loved inside...only to figure out that on April 12, 2013 she committed suicide from being so heartbroken and depressed....

I found out a month after she died and wondered why my heart hurt so much recently and this was why...Since then I've found it harder and harder to go on the only girl I've ever loved and actually loved me was gone....

There hasn't been a day that I haven't thought of her I miss her so much every day I love you so much Jeannette I miss you so much I wish I got on that plane with you....

Rest In Peace Jeannette Fleur Sinclair
 (August 15, 1993- April 12, 2013)


Anonymous said...

Be strong. Love is a bond that will hold you forever even after someone has departed. Love is such a power force that even in death her heart will still beat just for you. Remember, that you will always be together in the heart.

Anonymous said...


rose swartz said...

this brought tiers to my eyes :( stay strong and she will forever love you. she is looking down at you and dont want you to give up, keep going forward with your life do it for her

Anonymous said...

Be strong love cannot be broken even in death instead of thinking this is the end think of it as something that will make ur love for her even stronger make it the fire that keep u going and
just remember that u will meet her agian in the end.

Anonymous said...

dont worry i love someone now and always will but recently we having some fights which is getting harder for both of us but dont worry?

Anonymous said...

i love him so much love u him allot but i can understand but dont worry be strong and stay happy
like i am

Anonymous said...

don't blame yourself for not going on the plane because if she really loved you she would have stayed with you or at least stay strong and she would have realize that she really loved you and wouldn't kill herself but she did and maybe there's a reason for that and that might be that she was suppose to teach you that when you love something or somebody not to let go and if you do to case after it

Anonymous said...


Linda Lovelace said...

This is another common reason for breakups. So many singles in their 20's jump from one relationship to another in what seems to be an experimental dating stage. You're probably just exploring the dating game, and you're not yet into the serious business of commitment. This is quite usual, but not necessarily a wise thing to do.

james bauer

Andrew Lester Baron said...

Life always challenging us. There are times we thought we failed. Sometimes we thought we need to give up because we can't get through it. But it gets us wrong. We just need to be patient and strong in every aspects of life. We may don't know what tomorrow comes but we just need to be prepared and feel like a warrior that you can win this battle. LOVE wont fail us. It's just challenging us. Stay strong.

- Andrew

chansing shangh said...

The only pain of the last kiss and hug will only know by a person like you and me. It's hard to forgive ourself but after all we are just a man people who know us as a broken heart person and thats indeed what we are. But the most they never knew we have learned how to love a women in our next story. Hey you are not alone. Let us stay strong.

chansing shangh said...

The only pain of the last kiss and hug will only know by a person like you and me. It's hard to forgive ourself but after all we are just a man people who know us as a broken heart person and thats indeed what we are. But the most they never knew we have learned how to love a women in our next story. Hey you are not alone. Let us stay strong.

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Diksha Reddy said...

God. Seriously when i listen to all these... my handkerchief actually asks for some tears. I am actually a senti. So when i listen to all these i will start crying because i live in Bangalore and my boyfriend will often go to Bihar because it is his birth place. So i will often get scared when i listen to all these stories. Never i will be without him

Classified of Chandigarh said...

It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all, is what they say, but i wonder if it is really true? lost love is so painful!

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Anonymous said...

your strong.

Anonymous said...

I had to say goodbye to this guy I've known for 5 years. We got together on July 4, 2016 and we broke up on October 12,2016. He said it was cuz we couldn't see each other and that weekend before he broke up with me I was going to go back and surprise him but I didn't ������. When we broke up I cried for two days straight and I was broken. My heart felt like a million broken pieces I couldn't do it I was about to cut and hang myself but my best friend Matt was texting me and then I got a random message from a Kik I haven't seen before. I said hey back and it turns out the boy I texted is my boyfriend now. He makes me so happy the only thing is I'm afraid to lose him pike I lost my ex. I don't want to lose u Anthony I love u so much. ������������

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Maria Rodriguez said...

Be strong. Love is pain. Think about what you loved about her. If you actually thought about this stop right now. Think about why you love your mom. Because she gave birth to you? No. Love is an emotion a thing you feel. You don't know why you love you just do. So don't think about what you loved about her. If were here right now talking to me right now and she has found that you have loved again. I bet you she would be the happiest girl in the world. Because all she has ever wanted is for you to be happy. So cherish the time you have spent with her but you have to move on. Life is too short. Your last day of life you will regret not loving again you think damn, why didn't I love again?

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