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Friday, February 21, 2014

Love Story: I Promised Myself I wouldn't Cry

When I was little I went to a new elementary school and on my first day I meets a dude his name is Matthew Sjostrom. The first day I meet him we became friends from the start.

I became friend with his girlfriend. Everyone at school was ask them if they broke up and angel Conley said" yes" so they would go away. They were everything to me until angel went to a different school I was sad. Then I went to west middle school and I'm still here.

In my first year of middle school I was shy because I though I would get pick on but it turn out fine I meet so many people. I had science with Matthew and we were partners on everything. I use to kick him and all that.

He had another girlfriend. Her name was charisma. They were get close and I got a little jealous and I didn't know why. But once that 6th grade me and him almost touch hand on valentines day. I didn't tell him how I feel I keep it in for a year and I told my friend around March something.  One of my friend Micheal. I told him to tell Matthew.

Once he found out he didn't talk for a week to me. But rejected me. I was down about. But I promise myself I wouldn't cry. After that year, me and Matthew were still friends he wasn't bother by it anymore.

When it was November 2, 2013, we play truth or dare. That day I got dare to ask him out again 3 time. When I ask him he rejected me over a text message. I showed my friend that were "OMG" I was crying in the closet covering my ears to show that I didn't want to talk to him. My friends made me. But I didn't. November 2-21= 19 days or 2 Weeks since we haven't talk I feel stupid to think he would choose but I promised my friend and my feelings that I would never cry and lock them away.