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Friday, February 21, 2014

Love Story: The First Honest Feelings

 Well , It started off when I was 8 years old. My dad was in a relationship with a Woman names Nichole. Nichole lived in Mt.Vernon , so Every summer My dad and sisters and I went down there...

The first summer we Went down to Mt.Vernon. My sisters and I met these two guys named Seth and Logan. Seth and Logan were my dads bestfriend John's kids. He also lived in Mt.Vernon. Right across the street from Nichole. Everyday we would go hang out with Logan and Seth. 

Every other summer after that we went down to Mt.Vernon. Even on Winter break. Logan and I became Closer. I first fell in love with Logan when I was 9 , When I first met him. My feelings got Deeper, every summer. 

We stopped going down there 3 summers ago. Me and Logan Haven't talked since then, but March 11th 2013 we seen each other for the first time. Logan and his dad John had came down to Evansville to see my dad and I happend to be at my dads house at the time. 

When i seen him for this first time for three years. ALL the feelings came back. I still love him a lot. After that day we started talking on Facebook. I told him about my feelings and he said we should start talking a lot more. So We can get to know each other again. He told me Next time he see's me he's gonna make it official!


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