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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Love Story : From Friends to Lovers


This is my story about how me and my friend became from friends to lovers.

From Friends to Lovers

 So I went to Kindergarten with my best friend when we were 5 years old and he ended up staying at the school until the 7th grade (the last year before high school) meanwhile I moved away to New York and went to 5 different schools after Kindergarten. When I moved back to Vancouver (where we live now) fate would have it that we ended up at the same high school. Funny enough, we despised each other in the 8th grade, as in we could not stand to be in the same room as each other let alone speak to each other.
Over the years we both matured and slowly became acquaintances, friends and last year (our final year of high school) we became best friends. Throughout all of grade 12 (senior year) every one told us that we would end up together etc. but we would always say that nothing would ever happen between us because we were just best friends. We ended up going to our prom together solely as best friends. At the beginning of this school year I was to move across the continent again for university and obviously we knew we'd miss each other. But somewhere along the way I questioned if I had begun having feelings for my best friend. I didn't want to explore the idea because we lived so far away and I did not want to risk losing my best friend. But when someone who has known you for 5 days (my new roommate) tells you that you and your best friend are going to get married one day you can’t help but question it and question yourself.
So on September 20th 2012, I took a shot of vodka or 3 and skyped my best friend to tell him that I had feelings for him. when he didn’t respond right away I told him to forget I ever said anything, that I was an idiot, and that he can make fun of me but not tomorrow because it'll hurt but maybe the next day. He proceeds to tell me that "you are not an idiot." I was confused and didn’t know what he meant and he laid it out for me and said that I shouldn't feel like an idiot for telling him I had feelings for him considering he's had feelings for me since the summer and didn't want to ruin things by telling me before I left. At that point we said nothing would change and we would reassess when I went home for Christmas break. I ended up going home for thanksgiving (surprising him) and while I waited for everyone to board the flight to return to university he called me and asked me if I could be his girlfriend even if he hadn't taken me out on a proper date yet, I obviously said yes. It happened – from friends to lovers! We have been dating ever since. I can't foresee any reason why he won't be the man I end up with down the road.


Anonymous said...

Nice share!

Ahkt said...

Awesome, interesting how you both had the same thoughts "I wont tell her so I don't accidentally ruin our friendship". And I hope you live happily ever after if this story was true .

Allie Versluys said...

That's bullshit. I believe every word but its stupid!!!

Anonymous said...



Your just a hater. Leave her alone just because you can't have a life dont mean u gotta try and ruin hers. So back off and stop hating. #Ilovehaterz


Nice story. I have a crush and this impresses me to make sure I let him know my feelings. Thank you so much :)

shanta islam said...

I like the top and adding the scarf giving it a cowl neck look is perfect. I love your Barbie's dress.

joann pena said...

aww thats so cutie me and my best friend became lovers too so i know how exiting it must have been for you when he asked you i wish you the best of luck and happiness ^.^

Linda Lovelace said...

It's also worth discussing why people fall out of love - just like that. Was there love in the first place? Was there really love to begin with? Perhaps you just enjoyed each other's company so much? Perhaps you just mistook good sex for love? Could this be a symptom of other relationship deal breakers in play that you couldn't just figure out? If this is so, you need to contemplate on such feelings. If you realize one day that you no longer love him, sit down and think about what you feel and why you feel it.

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Anonymous said...

Even though you lost someone in your life they're never
gone from your heart

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