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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Love story : She was shy when I was around


Well my story is not really a love story, as it wasn't really love. But you'll see what I mean.

Beautiful girl with blue eyes

It was the last week of December and I was on vacation in a warm place. I'm a teenie, and somehow summer/a lot of sun affects me in the case that I check girls more out than in winter. While being in the hotel I saw some very good looking girls and another one, who didn't seem that pretty in the beginning. At one moment though (after seeing her a couple of times), I was with her in the same lift. I’ve noticed before that she was shy when I was near to her. In the lift though, I was near to her and I don’t know how to explain, she was mostly turned away, but a small part of her was turned into my direction and I think that she was kind of watching me (though shy) that's when I started finding her attractive. Well then the last day I was there I was in the public pool and she was there too. I noticed that she often looked in my direction (though not always at me). So basically, she was shy when I was around, but she was still looking at me. As I am shy myself when meeting new people, I didn’t get to know her. When I left I was sad and tried to think of options how I could meet her again. After that though, I started forgetting her in some way, but now I found a pic of a model in the internet, and that model looks very similar to her. Actually I can say that most of me realized that it were just nice moments in the past.